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Welcome to the New Zealand Politicals Livejournal Community.

This is a community for anyone interested in politics, both local and global, and is particularly for people living in New Zealand and the wider Australasia and pacific area, although all are welcome to join regardless of where they live.

This community has grown out of the small shinra_agenda community which is now closed to new members and all posting. It started out as kind of a joke because many of my friends who weren't interested in politics got sick of my long political rantings on my private LJ, so I set up ShinRa Agenda thinking no one would join. I was wrong, and now in order to fill a serious lack of NZ and pacific based political communities on Livejournal (i.e there aren't any) I've decided to set up this new community which will have a clearer focus and a less obscure name.

~Rules of Conduct~

1. Stay on topic:
This is a political forum so please stay on topic when making posts, although there is a certain amount of flexibility within this range. For example religious matters such as The Pope's offending Muslims with his comments about Islam, this is a political issue as well as a religious one, however asking "Do you think Catholics suckz0r!!111" is an example of what is NOT an acceptable topic.

2. Respect the opinions of others:
Respect others opinions even if you don't agree, debate is encouraged, abuse and argument for the sake of winning is NOT. It's not about winning, it's about understanding different points of view.

3. No Spamming:
It's great if you're enthusiastic about an issue but please don't spam the community with it, one post is enough although periodic updates for ongoing issues are also perfectly acceptable

4. Respect others beliefs and allegiences:
If someone has a religious belief, belongs to a certain political party etc then thats their right and their business. Similarly this a political forum not a recruiting ground so please don't use the community to try converting or recruiting other members to your religion or political party.

Have fun: It's important to me that this community not be a dull, solely focused on long and tedious debates over semantics...you know what I mean...Fun is ENCOURAGED on this community, hence the posting of funny political images, songs, flash cartoons or anything else you find is encouraged as long as it's related to the topic.

Making personal attacks on other members, abusing peoples views, spamming and other kinds of discouraged behaviour will result in a warning, if the behaviour continues, the perpetrator will then recieve a permanent BAN.